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It is frustrating to be the only person you know who cares about issues facing people with disabilities. It makes you upset to realize that your church seem to always think of people with disabilities as someone else’s problem.

You push for rights, for fair treatment, for person-first language and ADA-compliance and it always seems to be an uphill battle.

That won’t end overnight, but it will end someday. It will end because we’re taking a new approach. Someday people’s attitudes will be different.

They won’t be ignorant. They won’t dwell in pity. And they won’t stop at caring for people who live with disabling conditions. They will see people with disabilities as full members of our communities and our churches, people who should be equipped and challenged to serve others. People who are no longer “someone else’s problem,” but another blessed part of the Body of Christ.

How will this happen?

We won’t change attitudes overnight, but we will do it. We won’t change it by ourselves, but it will happen. It just depends on you.

Will you join the movement?

Do you want to help change disability attitudes around you – in your church, your family, even in your business and community? Are you looking for an easy way to start the conversation? Do you want to help people see that disabilities are not “someone else’s problem?”

Then join us. Join the growing movement of people who are sharing, teaching, and training others in the 5 Stages. Take people on the Journey of Disability Attitudes and we will change attitudes. We will change our churches and our communities. Together.

How can You Get Started?

It’s really easy to join us, just click on one of the following options or fill out the form.

You can also grow along with us as we continue our “Journey,” just check back here often and make sure to watch our blog. If you’d like to be considered as a guest blogger, just submit a blog entry suggestion or let us know by email.

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