We have provided everything we could to help you share the message of the 5 Stages. If you think of something else we need to provide, please let us know.


We offer diagrams, flyers, and other handouts that will help you easily and quickly share the 5 Stages. Please let us know if you have created your own 5 Stages handout that we can share on this website.


You can use or create a different translation of the 5 Stages. You can even download a translatable Word-format version of the 5 Stages document to translate on your own.


Our videos can help you share the 5 Stages concept in your own environment, and can help you better define your own 5 Stages presentation.

Other Resources

The 5 Stages is part of a broad movement to include people with disabilities in our churches and communities. Please use this page to find other resources you and your community can use to help you take the next steps in including people who have disabilities.


The 5 Stages does not matter unless it builds the Kingdom of God. It is not to promote rights or independence or social acceptance. The 5 Stages is built on Scripture’s description and call to equip each servant of God for the work that God has prepared in advance for him or her to do. When we provide resources that point you back to Scripture, our hope is that you will study and absorb these key scriptural foundations.