We have been blessed by Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana and by the Christian Reformed Church denomination. They have generously shot, produced, and edited four great videos that we hope will bless you and your efforts to share the 5 stages. Please let us know if you know of any other video resources that would be helpful to share.

The 5 Stages…Quickly

The first is a 5:25 overview of The 5 Stages, featuring longtime friend of Elim Christian Services and Tesoros de Dios, and current director of the Reflectors ministry at Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana, Vinnie Adams. This presentation was prepared specifically for Faith Church (Dyer, Indiana).

Ephesians 2 Applies to Everyone

In this short presentation recorded and subtitled thanks to the generosity of Faith Inclusion Network of Hampton Roads, Dan Vander Plaats, Director of Advancement at Elim Christian Services shares a brief layman’s exposition of Ephesians 2:10, which Dan uses to point out how we don’t really have an option other than including people with disabilities.

The 5 Stages: The Last Two Steps in the Journey of Disability Attitudes

The first is a 6:54 review of the final two stages, Friendship and Co-Laborers, featuring Darrell Bingham, Bob Hillegonds, and Dan Vander Plaats. This presentation was prepared specifically for Faith Church (Dyer, Indiana).

The 5 Stages: The Journey of Disability Attitudes

The second video is a complete review of all 5 stages, and is ideal for sharing with people who have never heard of the 5 Stages, or who aren’t really sure that disability attitudes are even a real issue. This presentation (as with the previous one) was graciously produced by Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana.

There is No Asterisk

This final video was recorded as a presentation of the 5 Stages message at the Disability Concerns Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This presentation was made to 80 disability advocates from the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church of America. The goal of the presentation was to show that attitudes about disability are a top priority for disability advocates, to prepare them with the tools to change attitudes, and to reinforce the fact that “there is no asterisk” concerning the need to include people with disabilities not just as part of our churches, but as agents of mercy within our church ministries.

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