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The following resources are provided to help you and your community apply the work of others into your community and your context. Some of the most poignant conversations we have about The 5 Stages start out with this comment:

“Okay, I understand what The 5 Stages is but how do I help someone, or a whole church, adopt this mindset? What do I do with this now that I understand it?”

We will be offering regular updates to this page to provide you with new resources and insights about how The 5 Stages is being applied around the world.


The 5 Stages as a Ministry Framework:

How Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana built a Disability Ministry Using The 5 Stages

August 26, 2014

In our first white paper, we interview Vinnie Adams, director of the Reflectors Ministry at Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana. Here’s a quick excerpt from our interview, in which Vinnie explained how Faith Church built a multi-faceted disability ministry using The 5 Stages as the framework. To download and read the entire white paper, please click here or on the icon to the left.

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